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With so much to do when it comes to online seo marketing, you'll want to spend a bit of time finding the best SEO tools to speed things up. You can find seo free tools for most online marketing tasks, and when they're used properly - they can help you spend a fraction of the time doing a task.

There's lots of SEO marketing tools out there, and the problem isn't finding one, but finding a decent one that works. Most of the time you'll find that the free SEO tools will be depreciated and stopped working months ago (I constantly find these). Another issue you may find is that free seo software tools may be using tactics that Google (or others) will penalize - so when searching for free tools for seo, you should make sure they're up to date and are still being supported.

If you've got deep pockets then you may want to have a look at paid tools, although these may set you back quite a lot so you should do some thorough research into which would be the best for you. (You may even find that you still use the free seo tools as well like me)

In this day and age - most online business' and blog owners use seo website tools, so finding the best ones for you are important. So have a crack at these tools to see if they're for you - you can use these free seo tools as much as you want.

Pinging free seo tool

Free Pinging SEO Tool

The first free seo tool you'll want to try is a 'pinger' - what this does is let lots of different websites know that you've changed something on your site. Google soon finds this out and comes to your blog to see if it's worth indexing. So if you ping your site whenever you change anything - Google will index the site quicker. This type of software is very popular - Wordpress has a pinging system built into it's blogging software. What you want to do with tools for seo is free up your time - and with pinging you can let hundreds of sites know that you've changed something. One thing to note though is that Wordpress' internal ping system only pings the post url, there's tonnes more to take advantage of here. You can ping every single page that's changed - think catagory, tag and author pages. The purpose of pinging is simply to let Google (or other SE's) see that something's changed on your site and update it's index appropriately. Most SEO pinging tools are free - and you just have to enter a list of the url's and press enter - simple :)

Free Backlink Getter Tool image

Free Backlink Getter SEO Tool

Another free tool for SEO you might want to consider is a backlink getter, it's true you can pay a lot of money for links, but the main thing you should think about when it comes to links is diversity. If all your links are from one source, or they're all low quality - then you may find yourself dropping in the search engines. This is a clear sign that you're trying to manipulate the SERP's (search engine ranking positions). Google's been at the forefront of technology, and it constantly implements features to stop anyone gaming the system - this means that you need to know the basics or you could be one of the many legitimate people getting caught out.

When using any free tool, make sure you understand how it can help you, but more importantly, you'll need to know how it can hurt your site - so you make sure you stay on the right side. With links you've got to make sure you've got a diverse range of anchor text and have a look where you're links are from - are they all from low quality sites? If so you'll want to find somewhere to get some decent links. Free seo software tools providing links are valuable - if you know how to use them - you can't rely solely on them for your link strategy - to get the best results you should use free tools for seo linkbuilding as a 'top up' - so you'll have good links in place - and you can use these free seo tools to diversify your link profile - just watch out and make sure your anchor text isn't all the same.

Linkbuilding is one of those things that can greatly help your marketing methods if done right, so you may want to spend a while thinking about where you're going to get different types of links from. Here's 3 types of links you'll want to add into a linkbuilding campaign:

  • Stat Links
    These links are gained from 'stat' like pages that could analyze your site. These are quite low quality links, and should be used to diversify - it's best to use these once you've got a few better quality first. These type of links are very good at quick-indexing - so you might also want to think about using these on your backlinks (backlinks for your backlinks). Most SEO free tools use these type of link.
  • Web 2.0
    Google's been taking more and more notice of these for up-to-the-minute rankings. This is because any major event or important thing that's going to be searched for will be spread through social media first. Think Twitter, Facebook, Delicious etc. It's best to do these carefully as the web2.0 companies (ie Twitter etc) have been hot on the tail ofr fake accounts - which people use to post links back to their site. This is against their T&C's - so the best way (without breaking them...) is to connect with people - try to get valid followers and a fanbase. once you've got this it'll self promote - but you want to get to that stage right? There are some free seo tools that can help with checking all your Twitter accounts - so you know which you can use to make some links.
  • High PR Links
    These are links that are placed on high PR (Pagerank) sites, which means that they've been around for a while and Google thinks the site is noteworthy. One of the best single links to have is on a page of a high pr site with a low number of links on it with relevant anchor text. These links can be hard to get - you could network and create good content on your site so that these 'high pr' sites link to you - or the other way is to pay for them. A very important thing you need to know before dipping your hand into your pocket to pay for them is that's against Googles webmaster terms (if they use a dofollow link - the ones you want)- which means that if Google finds out that the link's been paid for - you may see your whole site get de-indexed (Google's way of washing it's hands of you) - these generally cannot be acquired through free seo software tools - some people create huge networks of high pr sites just to place their links later, that's one of the longer game plan's though...
Free Twitter follower Checker image

Free Twitter follower Checker

This little tool will help you find out the status of your twitter accounts - you can use this to check a big list of accounts before entering them into a free seo tool. The twit checker will check your list and tell you if they're active or not - so you can just copy and paste the good ones into your posting tool. You could do this for yourself - checking each one individually, but it may take a while if you've got a few accounts.